Join us [ Live This Sunday]  @ 10:30

You will need an invitation to join on Zoom from Pastor Ed.   Contact him if you do not have one with instructions.  

We expect at least the audio part of the sermon to be recorded and posted on Sermons page here.  But the video needs that invite. 

ARK (Emergency Grocery) SUPPLIES and Sermons links above

Be aware Grace Church will keep posting Pastor Ed's sermons on this site.  And we are working toward making them live by internet.  However, we will not be having face-to-face meetings and worship service until this virus emergency has 'passed over'.  The LORD once instructed His people, "None of you shall go out of the door of his home until morning." [Ex. 12:22 ESV]    So there is precedent for staying home and praying for His protection.   But where is your home anyway, in his house?  And where is that door? 


But also be aware, that we do not plan to give up meeting with Him or trying to meet with you.  Even if for now it is dimly through this page.  Or some wireless phone, or then again, by the mystery of prayer, face to face. ​

Have you noticed what Jesus may have meant when he said to stay alert, and to not be surprised by such events?  And have you put your hope in The LORD?   Are you ready to abide safely inside of the doors of his house?  It is a way to relax and to live!


Members and regular worshipers are being contacted as we can by phone, by email, by US Mail, and by Messaging methods to keep you informed as we learn how to gather together when we are apart.  Feel free to please use the Contact tab to feedback your own concerns or issues/suggestions.  


We will continue publishing the audio version of the sermon (click on                above).  And we are also working on publishing a video of Pastor Ed presenting the sermon.  We hope to let you know how to access the video version in the next few days.

So, Tuesday night Men’s Bible Study, Wednesday Women's Bible Study, Wednesday night Lenten series and Sunday worship are cancelled. We will let you know when and by what means we can restart meeting together.  


Let us know if you have any needs (prayer, meals, medications, transportation to Dr, and etc).

May the Lord Bless You during these trying times.


Your Friends and fellow worshipers,

The Session  of Grace Church

Hope .... As we began to work on the building in preparation for our first worship service in Home, we found a message written in rocks at the front door. It read "HOPE". We pray that just as this simple message encouraged us to move forward, we will encourage all who come through these doors to find the One Hope, Jesus Christ.

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