Join us

Good Friday Service at 5:00 PM

Live* or on Zoom**

Each Sunday, Live* or on Zoom**

  @ 10:30

[*County covid-19 health rules in effect:  expect to be asked to obey social-distancing with limited seating and to  wear masks, etc.  ]  

[[**You will need an invitation to join on Zoom from Pastor Ed.   Contact him (click link above) if you do not have one with instructions.]]  

The audio part of the sermons are still being recorded and posted on the Sermons page here.                  But the live video needs that invite. 

By way of housekeeping, we are working to keep the building as safe as practical.  The sanctuary is only occupied for the church services.  We are limiting the duration of the physical service and avoiding lingering afterward (e.g. fellowship lunches are postponed)Bible studies are back, but on Zoom. The preschool is not in session until further notice.  The interior surfaces are being cleaned regularly.   Hand sanitizers, and extra masks are available.  Bathrooms have extra supplies and signs giving the rules and directing users to please clean knobs, and to wash hands.   Air circulation and filtration have been updated. 

The LORD once instructed His people, "None of you shall go out of the door of his home until morning." [Ex. 12:22 ESV]    So there is precedent for staying home and praying for His protection.   And also precedent for putting our trust in the Lord and seeking Him amidst his people.   Take heart!  As in Deuteronomy:  Seek the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul, and you will find him.  


​Bible Studies are back on via Zoom.   If you are reading this you may have the necessary electronics to join with us (even just a telephone can work).  Tuesday night Men’s Bible Study 7:00, contact Pastor Ed.    Tuesday afternoon Women's Bible 1:30 email Kay at  


Let us know if you have any needs (prayer, meals, medications, transportation to Dr, and etc).

May the Lord Bless You during these trying times.


Your Friends and fellow worshipers,

The Session  of Grace Church

Hope .... As we began to work on the building in preparation for our first worship service in Home, we found a message written in rocks at the front door. It read "HOPE". We pray that just as this simple message encouraged us to move forward, we will encourage all who come through these doors to find the One Hope, Jesus Christ.