Grace ...

You know it when you see it, but it's hard to put into words. And the dictionary definitions of grace don't do it justice anyway.

So our desire at Grace Church is to show what grace is.

First, we receive grace: Grace from God through His Son, Jesus Christ; Forgiveness, and a new start on life.

Second, we respond to grace with worship: prayers, singing, preaching, offering, sacraments, studying God's Word in small groups -- our way of being filled with grace.

And third, we give grace to each other, and as best we can to our community. Our prayer when we moved to the Key Peninsula in 2015 was to be a "place of grace". That is, where God's grace to us could be made tangible.

As a result, we have committed ourselves to the community in various ways: in service to senior citizens through the Mustard Seed Foundation, in helping some get out of poverty through a mentoring program, in providing personal care items and food to children through Backpacks 4 Kids.

But not least, our desire is to tell of the Gospel of Grace that comes to us through Jesus Christ.

That's grace, as we're coming to understand it. And that's Grace Church -- offering God's grace to the Key Peninsula