ARK (emergency grocery) SUPPLIES

Editor--the info an this page is from last spring.  But it may still be of use.  We have been purchasing on-line via grocery and hardware web sites a day or so ahead; and they put the bags in the trunk.

If you think this social distancing stuff is tuff, remember:

Noah was on the ark with a family and a whole bunch of animals from 2/17/600 to 2/27/601! [Pre Hebrew time].  Except for that dove and a laurel leaf, they had no deliveries.


How to get food & supplies during the virus pandemic?   Steven Bowman sent in the list of suggestions below.  He and Denise are learning how from their kids and trial and error.  Ann has been doing Amazon Prime (but not fresh food yet.) If we have other people who are experienced at setting-up and using food and supply delivery services you might check these over and let us all know of better approaches or what is or is not realistic. 


–In fact, help us put you-whom-are-in-the-know in touch with you-whom-are-in-the-need of grocery help.    Probably all of us are in the high risk group and none of us should be grocery shopping.   And some of us do not use computers or iPhones.  But we all seem to have telephones.  Maybe you can help them set up an account and order stuff for them to go to their home.   If you need help or can help, tell your Session contact person and/or just contact someone you know about.    


Per Steven:  Yes, we were prepared, we had our 72 hours to three week supplies, but what about if the supplies run out or we want to have something that we may not NEED but sure like to have?


We have found that our kids have already been doing things online over the phone and with their computers, to order supplies that we normally get by visiting the grocery store, COSTCO or other big box stores. We have been reviewing YouTube videos and found that other people have been doing the same thing that our kids have been doing for years now.  You will need to make your own judgement on where you feel comfortable.  Should I shop at a store where surfaces may be clean when I shop.  Should I order online or over the phone and have a delivery that will sometimes take days to deliver.


  1. Many of the stores that we visit have onsite drive up places to pick up our order.

  2. Also, they have delivery services that will deliver to our homes.

  3. Independent companies have sprung up that will also deliver to most of our homes within the boundaries that they post on their websites.


So how do we start getting our groceries, etc.  Well what we have found is available to anyone that has a smart phone and/or computer. You may also be able to just call the store, you will need to try calling to see what they have available. I have found available in our area the following stores (alphabetical – no a recommendation or promotional) that have one service or another:


  1. ALBERTSONS               Albertsons App     (253) 853-4750

  2. AMAZON                     Amazon App      

[There are subcategories of AmazonFresh and Prime Pantry which are new to us, with differing prices and practices.  For help at least with Amazon or getting something ordered by them to your house---Try asking Steve and Denise or Ann and Robin]                  

  1. COSTCO                      Costco App                         (253) 853-8600

  2. FRED MEYER               Fred Meyer App           (253) 432-8800

  3. SAFEWAY                     Safeway App           (253) 853-1950

  4. TARGET                       Target App                         (253) 858-9777

  5. WALMART                   Walmart App                  (360) 874-9060

  6. WHOLE FOODS  (through Prime membership)



Be prepared to spend some time on your computer and/or smart phone to get setup with an account for each store you want to order from and then to make your order.


Fred Meyer (The Kroger Co.) seems to automatically send me to Idaho Falls as a location for my store.  You may have similar issues or not. You will need to change the location by entering your Zip Code under the popup window titled “Where do you want to get your items?”


Many Apps are only available for smartphones and ipad type devices.  If using a computer, just go to their website.


If you have a delivery or pickup outside the store, you should practice social distancing with the delivery person and wipe down with an antiviral wipe cloth the surfaces of what was delivered or keep them in a place separate from normal living areas for the time required for the virus to die.


            “A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Tuesday found that coronavirus could be detected up to three hours after aerosolization in the air, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two or three days on plastic and stainless steel.”  Published in USA Today on March 18, 2020.  So how you (don't) handle those with bear hands would be important.  Something easily disposable between you and it. Gloves make sense if you have them.  Sounds like it is safer to use paper bags than plastic bags.


When picking up an order outside the store, you may need to send a message stating that you are confirming your appointment time so the staff can get your order ready (likely stored in a cold storage room).  Then when you arrive you call them to let them know you are at the store pickup area.  Sometimes they want to know which numbered parking stall you are at and some form of identification (drivers license, etc).


Possible YouTube videos that can give you a picture of what services are available.  Remember that not all YouTube videos are accurate for the time that you are viewing (one month - 5 years or more old).


Just remember to do your deep breathing exercises during all of this.  It does take time and patience to set this up and to make orders until you become familiar with the method used by each store. 


If you are familiar with Amazon and you are happy with their service, you may just continue with them and not bother with other stores.  We are very connected with our grocery shopping.  Our kids are more connected with their smartphones and could care less about grocery shopping.   If you can’t connect maybe we can for you.   


Sample YouTube videos




Fred Meyer


There are many videos available that cover from how to setup to how to pick up your order.  You may also find tutorials at the store website.  Not all YouTube videos are accurate and you must be careful on how you enter your personal information, etc.  Not all websites want to provide just a service to you.  They may want to ….


IT WOULD BE GREAT IF everyone had the time to drive to the grocery store, browse the aisles and individually select each grocery item to buy. However, having that time is not always realistic for many folks. This is where grocery delivery services come in, saving shoppers significant time and hassle. Also, if you were to assign an appropriate dollar value to the time spent grocery shopping, a grocery delivery service is often actually cheaper than doing it yourself. After all, time and hassle are some of the reasons many Americans are not all growing their own produce.


Here are a few of the best grocery delivery services available now:



Amazon's Prime Pantry

Google Express



If you shop through Amazon, you probably know that Amazon sells almost everything, including groceries, and not just through Whole Foods. It may be a little complicated that Amazon has three different grocery delivery options, but read on to see the differences between them and other grocery delivery services.



AmazonFresh requires a paid membership of $14.99 per month in addition to a Prime membership of $12.99 per month, making for a total cost of $27.98 per month. If you are prepaying annually for your Prime membership, that reduces your Prime rate to $119 per year and brings the combined cost of both services to $298.88 per year. Users get free delivery for orders of more than $35 or $50 depending on location. One downside of AmazonFresh is that you cannot use traditional brand coupons like at a traditional grocery store. However, you can get Whole Foods store brand 365 products, which are often high-quality.


Amazon's Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry costs $4.99 per month in addition to the required Amazon Prime membership of $12.99 per month and gets you free delivery on orders of $10 or more but is limited to household products and dry groceries. Fresh produce is not available through Prime Pantry. Also Prime Pantry does not offer same-day delivery but delivers in one to four business days.