Grace Events

Upcoming Events for Your Calendar:

Exterior Building Repair.  New windows and siding complete on south end.  The remaining effort:  Paint north outer wall.  Pastor Ed to "call" us to help when the time is ripe..   Editor guesses it will be a Saturday.

Trenching work is ready for installing new shutoff valve to go in soon. 

Bible Studies

Men's/Women's Bible Studies are all from home via Zoom: If you are not receiving emailed invitations, request one via the "contact" links noted. 

Women's [note time change]: 

Will resume at a new time on Jan. 5.  Join us on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 AM for a study of the Book of Acts.  The study is lead by Kay Griffin and we encourage questions and discussion. We move at the pace of the group.  We try to wind up in about an hour!  If you would like to receive an invitation you can email me at and I will make sure you receive one.

Drop in when you can!

Men's:  First and Third Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.  Lead by Pastor Ed.  Click the "contact" button above to ask for a Zoom invitation.  We are focusing on discussion topics poised in rotation by our attendees. 



First and Third

Tuesdays of Month: 7:00 pm


THE TBD and Ad Hoc Informal Men's Putter About Church Repairs at Odd Hours

Report issues/questions/volunteers to Elder Robin, Pastor Ed, or Deacons George and Grey.   Current repair list:

    *  Paint and Exterior repairs upcoming: contractor is done with siding.                               More window work later 

    *  Find underground main water line and install shutoff valve

    *  Winterize exterior plumbing  

    *  Shed storeroom:  fix lamp clean out risers and repair roof boot (might be                     underway at this writing)

    *  Furnace filter (fan is set continuous circulation, "ON" all of the time; and                     Honeywell #10 filters or better are now to be used--three in stock),                            Change if vent covers droop below current ~4:00 O'clock angle in sanctuary (a          sign they are clogging), or else quarterly  [i.e. by mid Dec if not earlier.] 

    *  Finish carpet repair if needed

    *  Level concrete at entry 

    *  Add drainage and groom parking lot as needed  -- workday on hold

    *  Extend stove exhaust pipe

The Purdy Men's Bible Study is switched to Zoom The Revelation to John

The men's group meets on the first and third Tuesday's of the month at 7:00pm.  Gathers at a home in the Purdy area.      


Contact Info: Ray Mansen (253) 858-1784 cell (253) 313-4677