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Hope .... As we first began to work on the building in preparation for our initial worship service in Home, we found a message written in rocks at the front door. It read "HOPE". We pray that just as this simple message encouraged us to move forward, we will encourage all who come through these doors to find the One Hope, Jesus Christ.

Covid-19 update notice.  At this time we are returning to more regular worship and meetings schedules, and (weather permitting) discontinuing services via Zoom until further notice.  We assume attending persons feel safe (by being masked or inoculated or both) and  are able to apply social distancing where needed.  However, visitors with special health needs should alert a Deacon or the Pastor and we will try and accommodate these.   

Fellowship lunches after the services are happening but limited.  Bible studies are returning on/at updated schedules and places.  (Click on Bible Studies above to see.)  The KP preschool is back in session weekdays at the church facility.  The interior surfaces are being cleaned regularly.   Hand sanitizers, and extra masks are available.  Bathrooms have extra supplies and signs giving the rules and directing users to please clean knobs, and to wash hands.   Air circulation and filtration have been updated. 


Let us know if you have any needs (prayer, meals, medications, transportation to Dr, and etc).

May the Lord Bless You during these trying times.


Your Friends and fellow worshipers,

The Session  of Grace Church