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Upcoming Preaching Series—Philippians --Pastor Ed Longabaugh

“Gospel in Life”


Theme:  Open Doors

Challenge & exhortation for the church to look for,  pray for, walk through—opportunities to share something of the gospel.

3/15    Phil 3.1-11


What Christ means to me: the past redeemed; how we live life in the present.

3/22  Phil 3.12-21

What the Future Holds

The goal of life; how we live in view of the future return of Christ.

3/29  Phil 4.1-9  (Starting Interactive Live Streaming on Zoom....Ask Pastor Ed for an invitation.)  We will be trying to post that here too.


Our inner life: peacemakers; being at peace; welcoming peace.

4/5 Phil 4.10-20


Life in the body of Christ: meeting needs and having needs met.

4/12  Easter  Luke 24.13-35

Recognizing Jesus

The Emmaus road story—seeing Jesus in the routine/ordinary matters of life.

4/19  1 Cor 5.1-21

Eternal life

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